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*WARNING: This LJ contains material that some readers will find offensive.*

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-Global Megalomania

-Signing My Fan Mail

-Being The World's Best Looking Guy

-Trillionaire Ambitions

-Admiring Myself In The Mirror

-Plotting Diabolically

-Posting Words Of Wisdom

-Forming Cultured And Informed Opinions

-Developing My Super-Intelligence

-Laughing Maniacally

-Ludicrous Arrogance And Egomania

-Being Incredibly Charismatic And Charming

-Staggering Self-Promotion

-Formulating Evil Bond-Villain Type Schemes

-Comic Book-Like Supervillainy

-Aspirations Of World Domination

-Role Model And Hero To The Masses


I have this journal so I can share my thoughts, pictures, quiz-results and gossip with you. From time to time you will notice I post something gross, annoying, sick, fucked-up or plain disturbing.
I am not obliged to do any LJ-Cuts. If I do it is because I am in good mood. I LJ-cut whatever I want whenever I want.
If I want to put some huge spoiler from book/movie/whatever in huge capitalised letters on the front of my lj or at the beginning of a post I am free to do so. Likewise with harsh jokes/humor & pictures.
If I don't LJ cut it though luck on you.
Do not comment on how I am such an asshole for not warning for any spoilers or other sick stuff. By reading my LJ you agree that you can and will be spoiled or freak out by anything I say or write.
You will not use anything from my LJ without asking my permission first and crediting me later.
When commenting you agree my rights do delete whatever you post, slander you, insult you and store your IP for later use.
When commenting you agree that I can sacrifice your firstborn, you, your parents, your dog, the french and the bitch you took the prom.
You will NOT bitch on how fucked up I am. I am not forcing you to read this LJ. If you don't like me un-friend me or simply do not read my posts.
You WILL worship me as if I were the galactic ruler of the universe. You will tell your friends and family and collegues on how great I am.
This is the disclaimer of http://kaileron.livejournal.com/

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